Thilo Hain - Banjo Player & Bluegrass Artist

Our Band SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS is celebrating 39 years live on stage!

A little acoustic session and guitar check at the VAU (famous Restaurant in Berlin)

From left to right: Thilo Hain, Kolja Kleeberg

At the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011 a little acoustic session:

From left to right: Jimmy Gaudreau, Sam Hain, Thilo Hain

SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS is celebrating their 30 years in business anniversary in 2009. Some special projects and new releases are planned.

In 2008 on the Musikmesse in Frankfurt I became a member of the TML/AXL family as their newest endorser. 

From left to right: Alan Liu, Steve Patrino, Thilo Hain and Vesna Tomic:

Me and my brother Sam having a session with Jaroslav Prucha: